Grape PREPARE - for food businesses

Get an indicative food hygiene rating, pre-inspection

Grape PREPARE is a purpose built inspection readiness tool – designed to help food businesses prepare for inspections and achieve a high hygiene rating. Attract more customers and increase revenue!

Keeping on top of food safety compliance is necessary to avoid hefty fines and worse – food poisoning cases which can seriously damage your reputation and revenue.

For busy managers, this often becomes a time consuming and onerous process – with lots of paperwork! 

Our food safety inspection software makes preparing for food hygiene inspections quick and easy. Do it online and build an excellent Food Standards Agency hygiene rating – in just a few clicks.

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Sign up today and start preparing for your next food hygiene inspection!

Benefits of using Grape PREPARE

  • Food hygiene rating self-assessment 
  • Save time and paperwork
  • Food safety evidence in one place
  • Data is backed up and secure 
  • View previous inspection reports
  • Access anywhere, any time!

Preparing for food inspections is daunting – keeping documentation up-to-date, pulling it all together and checking staff are on top of things. Getting scored down can seriously affect your reputation and revenue.

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Who is Grape PREPARE for?

A high food hygiene rating is key to great customer reviews and building revenue, in a highly competitive industry. Add a global pandemic and the pressure has never been greater.

Our food safety inspection software is designed to help busy managers in the food, hospitality and catering industry, to be ‘food inspection ready.’ Providing up-to-date knowledge, tips and tools to help you manage it all online while building a great reputation!

Whether you are just starting out and need to register with your Local Authority, or you are an established food business, looking to protect your reputation - Grape PREPARE can help streamline the way you prepare your operations for inspection.

Grape PREPARE benefits the following businesses: restaurants, pubs, hotels, sports clubs, nurseries, care homes, canteens, cake makers, caterers, bed and breakfast, cafes, takeaways, and many more!

How does Grape PREPARE work?

Grape PREPARE is a powerful food safety inspection preparation software – designed to help you and your business on every step of your food safety compliance process. Packed full of features to help get you as prepared as possible for your next inspection!

Food businesses around the U.K. will be able to use Grape PREPARE to:

  • Identify what to do to achieve a high food hygiene rating
  • Complete all required documentation and evidence 
  • Register with a Local Authority - in just a few clicks
  • Access food hygiene evidence in one place
  • Get an indicative food hygiene rating - pre-inspection
  • Collaborate with their whole team
  • Upload photos and documents
  • Submit evidence to Environmental Health Officers
  • View previous inspection reports
  • Store evidence securely 
  • Back up data regularly 
  • Work across any device – desktop, tablet and mobile

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Sign up today and start preparing for your next food hygiene inspection!