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For businesses

Prepare for food hygiene inspections and improve your hygiene rating.
Improve your Food Hygiene Rating

Know where to improve and prove that you have!

Be inspection ready

Complete inspection evidence online

Share with an inspector

Share evidence with an inspector

Avoid the pitfalls!

What to do to avoid hefty fines and a bad reputation

Win more customers

Improved Food Hygiene Rating = more revenue

Food Business Annual License
/ yr (ex VAT)
Improve your food hygiene rating
Food safety self assessment check list
Upload digital evidence
Share with a food inspector
Save time and paperwork
Access on any device
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For inspectors and auditors

View and manage businesses' food safety assessments
Digital evidence

View food businesses evidence

Save time

Save time, travel and expenses

Approve / reject assessments

Approve / reject self assessments

Safe. Secure. Easy.

State of the art security and data backups

Easy collaboration

Add more inspectors

Web based

Access anywhere, any time!

Food Inspector Monthly License
/ mo (ex VAT)
View and manage food businessess' details
View a food business’s self assessment & evidence remotely
Approve / reject self assessments
Save time and paperwork
Access anywhere, any time!
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Coming soon!

Real Time Digital Inspections
  • Conduct the entire food hygiene inspection process digitally
  • Food businesses can register with a Local Authority – in a few clicks
  • Schedule inspections 
  • Find inspection venues and plan routes 
  • Complete and store food safety evidence in one place
  • Type up reports in real time
  • Upload photos and evidence 
  • Collaborate with their team
  • Easily access previous inspection reports 
  • Send out reports instantly 
  • Store paperwork and reports securely 
  • Back up data regularly 
  • Work across any device – desktop, tablet and mobile