For small to medium food businesses

Prepare for your next food hygiene inspection and improve your hygiene rating!

Grape PREPARE is a purpose built inspection readiness tool, designed to help food businesses prepare for inspections and achieve a high hygiene rating. Attract more customers and increase revenue!

Key features

  • Food hygiene rating self-assessment 
  • Save time and paperwork
  • Food safety evidence in one place
  • Data is backed up and secure 
  • Share evidence with an inspector
  • Access anywhere, any time!

How the system works

Benefits of Grape PREPARE

Prepare for food hygiene inspections and improve your hygiene rating.
Improve your Food Hygiene Rating

Know where to improve and prove that you have!

Be inspection ready

Complete inspection evidence online

Share with an inspector

Share evidence with an inspector

Avoid the pitfalls!

What to do to avoid hefty fines and a bad reputation

Win more customers

Improved Food Hygiene Rating = more revenue

Improve your listing on Just Eat!

Businesses with a high hygiene rating get more bookings*

Who is it for?



Preparing for food inspections is daunting - keeping documentation up-to-date, pulling it all together and checking staff are on top of things. Getting scored down can seriously affect your reputation and revenue

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