Food Hygiene Audit

Get an in-person audit to improve your food hygiene rating.
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Prepare for your next food hygiene inspection and improve your hygiene rating!

With our pre-inspection audit we will check your premesis*, proceedures and documentation using our innovative software and give you reccomendations on how to improve your hygiene rating BEFORE you get your EHO inspection and hygiene rating!

*Currently only available to North East UK businesses.


New food business?

Thinking of starting or just opened a food business?

Did you know, by law all food businesses MUST register with their local authority within 28 days of opening and get a food hygiene inspection and rating?


Want to improve your food hygiene rating?

Have you been scored down or want to improve your hygiene rating?

Did you know that 82% of consumers said that they would not visit a food business that had a food hygiene rating of less than 4?


Prepare for your food hygiene inspection and improve your hygiene rating.
Improve your Food Hygiene Rating

Know where to improve and prove that you have!

Be inspection ready

Complete inspection evidence online

Avoid the pitfalls!

What to do to avoid hefty fines and a bad reputation

Win more customers

Improved Food Hygiene Rating = more revenue

15 Food Safety Documents

The following food safety document templates are included in your audit:
  • Recipe Template
  • Allergen Matrix
  • Cooking Temperature Log
  • Supplier List
  • Staff Training Record
  • Storage Temperature Log
  • Staff Training Record
  • Pest Control Record
  • Staff Sickness Record
  • Opening Closing Checks
  • Maintenance Record
  • Food Batch Number Record
  • Delivery Checklist
  • Customer Complaint Form
  • Cleaning record

Improve your listing on Just Eat!

Businesses with a high hygiene rating get more bookings*

Who is it for?

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.



Preparing for food inspections is daunting - keeping documentation up-to-date, pulling it all together and checking staff are on top of things. Getting scored down can seriously affect your reputation and revenue.

1. How does it work?

After your purchase, we’ll contact your to book in your audit. One of our auditors will visit your premesis, do the audit using our software and give you feedback on how to improve your hygiene rating.

2. When can you do the audit?

We’ll find a time that works for you. We offer weekdays, evenings or Saturdays.

3. Will I know what hygiene score I'll get?

We’ll give you reccomendations based on everything you need to do to achive a high/5 hygiene score.

4. How long does the audit take?

A typical audit takes 90 minutes to 2 hours, but will depend on the size of the business and the areas we need to audit.

5. What are the documents you give me?

As part of the audit you’ll get 15 food safety document templates including temperature logs, allergen matrix, cleaning records and more! These are reccomended to help you comply with food safety legislation and get a high rating.

6. Which areas do you cover?

The audit is currently ONLY availble to businesses based in the North East UK. However, you can use our sofware to self assess your business.

7. I have another question

No problem! Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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Be Inspection Ready

Have all the information and documentation ready for your next inspection.

Improve Your Hygiene Rating

Know how and where to improve your hygiene rating.

Get More Customers

82% of customers won't buy from businesses rated under 4, make sure that's not you!